Architecture and Outdoor Art in Red Lodge

To celebrate my lovely wife’s birthday I secured the use of a friend’s cabin in Red Lodge as well as having the kids stay at my brother’s house for the weekend. After a filling breakfast at Cafe Regis we took the opportunity to walk around and take in some of the beautiful and unique architecture as well as do some shopping.  As we were walking past a building I’ve seen many times we stopped to make a few photos.

The building, named the “Theatorium,” has a handful of beautiful statues that were imported from Italy in 1921 during the building’s construction.

This statue adorns the top of the Theatorium in Red Lodge.


I am not sure which I like better – the color or black and white.

A little further down the road was this old Coca-Cola billboard painted on the side of one of the local shops – you can see that there are several layers of paint from

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