Grateful 365 Day Fifty-three

I’ve been a bit delayed in posting Day 53 because I have had a really hard time deciding which photo to pick and what to say about it.  So, I am completely disregarding the bounds I originally placed on myself for this project and am going to post several photos for today’s (Sunday, 24 July 2011) Grateful.

The photos for today’s post are all from the Spanish Peaks Men’s Clinic, an annual get together for men (and their sons) of Christ’s church. My last three posts are all related to the Peaks Clinic and you will see a couple of the photos in this slide show.  I am especially Grateful for the Peaks Clinic because I wasn’t able to attend in 2009 or 2010 due to a new job (2009) and no remaining vacation time (2010). So being able to go this year was a real blessing and it was the first year that my youngest son, Gannon, attended. “Peaks,” as it is commonly referred to, is a three-day camping get together where the men and boys of Christ’s church get the opportunity to hear great preaching and teaching from some of the finest preachers in the world as well as fellowship with others of like, precious, faith.

In writing this post I came to the conclusion that the photo I will highlight is of the man who is responsible for creating the Peaks Clinic and understands its value to continuing the momentum of the church. I am most Grateful for his work for Christ over the last 30 or so years and in a lot of ways, he is responsible for my salvation. Jay Wilson has proven to be one of those rare individuals that can truly see the bigger picture, communicate it others, and motivate people to live for a greater purpose.

Jay Wilson, Evangelist, Bozeman, MT
I am Grateful for Jay’s “big picture” perspective and leadership.
 ISO 1000, 300mm, f/5.6, 1/800 sec

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