Grateful 365 Day Fifty-seven

The post for day fifty-seven (Sunday, 31 July 2011) is one that I am especially Grateful to be able to share with you.  The photo is of a family that is currently living in China where they preach and teach the gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ.  David James Cook, his wife Spring, and son Matthew are currently touring the United States to encourage the Christians who have been encouraging them.  David is originally from Missoula, MT and studied linguistics at the University of Montana and became a Christian about 6 years ago.  His education and desire for travel started him on a journey that landed him a job teaching English in China where he met Spring. They have quite a task ahead of them and have been doing a great job making disciples.

David, Matthew and April Cook - Saints in China
I am Grateful for the Encouragement that David and his family are to me and my family.
ISO 640, 35mm, f/1.8, 1/50 sec

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