Grateful 365 Day Forty-three

I find it peculiar how many things in life are “double-edged swords” in that the things we often value are quite regularly a bit of a nuisance.  Such is the case with the subject of today’s photo.  We have a 60 foot Ponderosa Pine in front of our house that provides awesome shade in the summer and windbreak in the winter but it is always in a state of shedding pine needles.  The pine needles are most certainly a nuisance but the benefits the tree provide far outweigh the seemingly endless rain of needles.

I made the photo because I liked the way the setting sun was illuminating the top part of the tree and appreciated the way the tree had grown over the years.

Ponderosa Pine

I am Grateful for the Protection from the Elements this Tree Provides

ISO 400, 26 mm, f/10, 1/6 sec

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