Panoramic of Beartooth Mountains from Billings Rims

I was driving from downtown to the heights today along airport road in awe of the beauty of the Beartooth Mountains and I took the opportunity to stop and make some photos.  This one in particular is actually quite a bit wider than anyone would really have a use for, but it was a fun project.  The photo below is a panoramic composed of 15 separate full-resolution images that I stitched together in Photoshop. If printed at full resolution, the print would be a 20′ 9″ long by 13″ tall and currently takes up a little over 2GB of space on my hard drive in it’s current format. I have never before encountered a time when Photoshop wouldn’t allow me to save a file as a PSD – the only file types it would allow was RAW, TIFF, and PSB (Photoshop’s “Big File Format”) so I ended up saving it in PSB, which preserves all the layers and regular PS editing capabilities.

Click the photo to see a (much) larger version on – be patient, the file is about 6 megs.

Panoramic of the Beartooth Mountains from Billings Rims

ISO 200, 300mm, f/11, 1/400 – All shots taken at these settings in Manual Mode.

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