Grateful 365 Day Thirty-eight

TIM TAMS!!! Need I say more?

Ok – I should probably explain a bit…

Tim Tams are a New Zealand biscuit (cookie) that are famous for the “Tim Tam slam” in which a corner on either end of the biscuit is chewed off then the biscuit is used to suck up milk or another liquid (in our case, coffee).  Just as the Tim Tam begins to liquify from the inside, it is quickly slammed (eaten).  I was introduced to the “Tim Tam Slam” while visiting NZ in June of 2010 and we have been trying to find them in the US ever since with no success – until today when Sue was in World Market and found them on an end-cap! Needless to say, Sue was ecstatic and shared the good news with me and after a grilled steak dinner on the patio we sat down to enjoy a Tim Tam slam.

Tim Tams

I am Grateful Sue found Tim Tams in Billings!

Photo was taken with my Android phone and uploaded via WordPress for Android.


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