AbstractFonts.com – over 13,000 free fonts!

Great site for 13,000+ free fonts.

My vocation as an eMedia manager means that I have many hats to wear and one of the most often worn involves the use of Adobe design products.  This means that I am often searching for the best font for a particular application and I have not come across a better site for free fonts than AbstractFonts.com – as of this posting, they boast 13,363 free fonts! That’s a LOT of fonts! The site is very user-friendly and allows you to search the fonts in a multitude of different ways including by category, newest, by designer, etc.

Did I mention the fonts are FREE?!

Of course, being that the fonts are free, the site is entirely ad-supported so if you visit the site and use their fonts, be sure to click on a link or two and buy something if you like.

I hope you find the site useful – I certainly do!

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