Grateful 365 Day Sixteen

Day 16’s photo(s) sort of stretch the rules I put in place for myself in that it is 5 separate pictures instead of just one and I took longer than 15 minutes putting it together.  There was really no way to choose just one photo from the “session” yesterday so I don’t mind coloring outside the lines.  The subject for my Grateful photo today is my family (awwww!!) and specifically in reference to all of their hard work in their school, Christ’s Church Academy – Billings.  Being a private school teaching a self-paced curriculum means that each of the children learn right from the start to be self-sufficient, self-motivated, and goal-oriented as well as the value of honesty and doing the little things right.  These are traits that are of utmost importance – even more so than the subject of their studies, and I am very proud of what they accomplish each year in school. Not only do they learn the life skills they need to succeed throughout the rest of their lives, but they come away each year having achieved great academic success.

My wife, Sue, is a full-time supervisor in the school and consistently pours herself out to help each of the kids (not just ours) succeed in school. It is an extremely tough job and requires a lot of mental toughness, a thick skin and most of all, a love for the kids and a desire to see them succeed.  There have been many times throughout the last year in which Sue and I would spend hours talking about her day at the school and the challenges that were facing her students and how she could best help them overcome and succeed.  I suppose I am most grateful for Sue’s dedication to our kids’ success in all aspects of their lives. Click here for additional photos from the Awards Ceremony.

CCA Awards Ceremony 2011
I am Grateful for my family’s hard work at Christ’s Church Academy this year.

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