Long Time Billings Broadcaster to Bring 92.5FM Back On Air

The latest development in a radio market that has certainly seen its share of changes should come as no (or little) surprise.  Kurt Anthony, local radio broadcaster and owner of the advertising agency, Anthony Media,  has taken the plunge into radio ownership with his recent LMA (Local Management Agreement) with current licensee Chaparral Broadcasting, Inc.  to manage 92.5 KBXI, formerly known as My92.5.  According to Anthony, the LMA allows for him to purchase the license for the signal after 4 years.

My92.5 was most recently managed by Connoisseur Media, LLC and was touted as a “Classic Hits” format that played a little of everything.  Since the acquisition of the Cherry Creek Radio properties by Connoisseur the station was moved up the dial to 105.9 where it kept its name and format. This move left the signal “dark” and in its owners in search of new management.

Anthony’s radio experience is varied and spans more than 20 years – something that will undoubtedly come in handy as he attempts to gain a foot hold in a market already saturated by radio signals.  His approach to this over saturated market? “Be local.”  Anthony’s goal is to return radio (or at least his station) to its former days of local broadcast glory when radio was fun and headlined with live disk jockeys instead of pre-recorded segments and nationally syndicated content.   He is planning on calling his station “Mojo 92.5” and is in the process of putting together a studio at the corner of 24th and King next to City Brew Coffee.  Anthony will co-host the morning show with another local radio legend, Allen Moos, and is planning to program a station that sounds like nothing else in the market.

According to Anthony, the station will not have a specific “format” as much as it will appeal to a certain demographic which Anthony hopes to be primarily women over men (a 60 / 40 split).  He has already purchased the music rights and plans to have a library of over 2,000 songs ranging from the 60’s through the 90’s.  Compare Mojo’s 2000-song playlist to the average station’s 700 or so and it is plain to see that Anthony will be crossing many format boundaries.

Mojo92.5 is scheduled to debut before March 1st with Kurt and Allen in the Morning. At the very least it will be interesting to see how the other radio groups react.

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