Nye, Montana

I had the opportunity to officiate a wedding outside of Nye, Montana on the Stillwater River on 30 July 2011.  I was born in raised in Montana and have lived in the Billings area since 1995 but I have never made the trip to this beautiful area. So Friday night when we drove down for the rehearsal I was awe-struck at the natural beauty in the area and was excited to make some photos. However, as I mentioned, I was not there to fiddle around with my camera. I was there to rehearse a wedding so Sue, my wife, was able to make a couple photos while she waited for the rehearsal to finish.  I even chose one of her photos for my Grateful post, which can be seen here.

I was able to make a few photos after the wedding on Saturday and here are a couple samples.

There’s something about old homesteader’s dwellings that really intrigue me. My mind immediately wonders what the lives of the people that lived in those now dilapidated dwellings were like.  I can only imagine what it was like to live without all of the modern things we take for granted like running water, electricity, telephones, smooth roads and packaged food.  The folks that built this place did it with their own hands, one stone, log and plank at a time without powered tools of any sort.  Their faith in God and amazing courage inspires me.

This relic lies just a couple miles down the road from the homestead and is a reminder of how much work has been done on the land to make it habitable.  I liked the metal tires of this tractor and thought they made a nice focal point of this shot.  I wasn’t sure what I liked better though, the black and white version above, or the color version below. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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