Grateful Day Fifty-eight

In an earlier post I talked about a new product that was introduced to me by a friend. The product is called the “Capture Camera Clip System” by PeakDesign and is a device that allows the user to “clip” their camera into a holding device that can be attached to a backpack strap or belt.  It holds the camera very securely and also provides a method of removing the camera from the clip with one hand.  I ordered one back in June when the company was just beginning and the devices weren’t available to the general public and I finally received it August 1st. I’ve only had a couple minutes to play with it, but so far I am very impressed. It is VERY well engineered and does what it says. Beyond allowing you to securely carry a camera without having it dangle around your neck and bounce around, the plate is compatible with Arca-Swiss tripods but also has a 1/4″ hole for other tripods. I look forward to using this piece of equipment and encourage any photographers to check them out.

Camera Clip System by Peak Designs

I am Grateful for the excellent design and function of the Camera Clip System.

Oh, and I have to share what my wife, Sue, said when it arrived, “Ahh! The last piece of camera equipment for a while!”  Probably so, my love, probably so. Although, I could really use a new tripod… =o)

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