Grateful 365 Day Sixty

There is something so refreshing about kids and their free spirits. At one point or another in our lives we forget what it means to truly be “free” and start caving to societal pressures to try and fit into the bounds of “normal” we think are necessary for acceptance. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy photography so much; it enables me to capture moments in time during my family’s lives that are so fleeting. Moments that come and go and would be otherwise forgotten. Today’s photo is of my daughter, Lilly, who is still young enough to be a free spirit, reminds me daily of what a blessing it is to just be who God made me to be.

Lilly is seen here with a “Miss Spider” basket that she rescued from at least 2 garage sales and many a toy culling. I am not sure why she loves that basket so much, but I think it may be because we laugh so hard when she wears it as a hat. Lilly’s goal in life is to please those she loves – especially Sue and I – so when she is able to make us laugh it makes her heart soar.¬† Lilly is a special little girl that I love so much and thank God for every day.

Garage Sale Salvage

Lilly Salvaged this "hat" from 2 Garage Sales and I am Grateful for Lilly's unique and delicate spirit.

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