Grateful 365 Day Fifty-two

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been attending Spanish Peaks Men’s Clinic near Delmoe Lake recreation area just north of Pipestone, Montana.  It is a beautiful spot nestled in a large bowl-shaped valley with a reservoir surrounded by granite peaks and acres of lodge pole pines.  The area we use is on private land and is not very easy to access without a pickup or ATV so not many people have the chance to see the area.

My Grateful photo for Day Fifty-two is of the sun setting 22 July 2011 over Delmoe Lake. The only editing I did to this photo was to adjust the fill light level in Lightroom and increase saturation a fraction.

Sunset over "Spanish Peaks" Men's Clinic

I am Grateful for the Breath-taking Beauty of God's Creation.

ISO 1000, 26mm, f/11, 1/40 sec

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  1. Ken Wibert

    come to Oregon sometime and we will see the ocean and poke at some dead things with sticks.
    “Your Brother in Christ”
    Ken Wibert

    • Jerod

      Indeed! I’d love to get out to Oregon again – it’s been years!

  2. Mary Anne Morgan

    This is a fabulous photo. Wow! Love that. I need to go to Montana someday.:)

    Mary Anne

    • Jerod

      Thanks, Mary Anne! Montana is a truly beautiful state and I know I am blessed to live here. In truth, I could probably do an entire 365 project on just sunrises and sunsets and most days it is tempting to do just that. Thanks again for your kind words and God speed!

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