Grateful 365 Day Fifty-six

Ahh, the fun of breaking the rules! Grateful Day Fifty-six’s post breaks pretty much all the rules because I didn’t make the photo! So enjoy a post written by my wife, Sue, who made the shot…

While Jerod was officiating a wedding rehearsal in the beautiful mountains of Nye, MT, I took the opportunity to go out sight-seeing with the kids, D5000 in hand.  Gannon, who is Jerod’s photography prodigy, pointed out that there was a tree growing out of the top of one of the peaks.  I pulled over and made a few shots of the tree atop the mountain, and then backed out of the frame (this is a no-zoom lens that Jerod just bought…the Nikkor f1.8 35mm DX ) in order to capture the tree in the foreground.   I am really pleased with how this shot turned out, not only because it is a nice example of framing and depth, but that Gannon and I really put our brains together in order to come up with it. I am very grateful that Gannon and I are learning so much from Jerod, and that we can share this with him.

I (Sue) am Grateful that I am learning to "make" rather than "take," photographs.

ISO 360, 35mm, f/10, 1/250 sec

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