Grateful 365 Day Fifty-one

One of the events that I look forward to every year is the “Peaks Men’s Clinic,” an annual meeting of men and boys from congregations all over the world. The purpose of the camp is to help encourage the men of the congregations to be men of God as examples of Christ to the world. It’s a three-day event that includes great preaching and teaching, fellowship and spiritual edification. Throughout the event I make photos of the attendees, preachers, scenery, etc., and Gannon has been there the whole time suggesting photos.  He even shot a couple that I will post when I get back to my laptop.

My Grateful photo for today is of Gannon snapping photos with my camera. He was really getting into it and was switching between landscape and portrait, zooming in and out, and changing the aperture (he’s seen me do the same things do many times I think he just figured it’s what you do).  I made this photo while he was coaching his friend, Luke, to smile, lift his chin, and hold still. He’s really been paying attention more than I realized.


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