Grateful 365 Day Twenty-three

My youngest son, Gannon, is very creative and perceptive and he has noticed that I have been taking a lot more photos lately so he decided that he should make something for me to photograph.  His creation, seen below, is an airplane that was technically complete this morning, but continued to grow throughout the day.  Gannon was determined to make sure that it was exactly perfect and was making adjustments up until I began taking photos.  When he finally felt as though it was complete, he took a couple steps away to allow me to make some photos.  But just as he walked away, the wind began to blow and his plane started to roll across the picnic table to which he cried out, “Daddy! Quick! Take the picture before it flies away!”

Gannon's Airplane

Gannon is very proud of his many creations and I am Grateful that he is my son.

ISO 400, 28mm, f/11, 1/500 sec

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