Grateful 365 Day Thirty-one

With the kids being on summer break, I’ve been making a point of getting up early in the morning and heading out with Connor and Emma on our bikes to Riverfront Park. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are just a few minutes away so we are able to ride from our house to the park in under 10 minutes, which makes Riverfront Park a really convenient location to do some biking. One of the great things about this park is that there are many different types of trails – from paved paths to narrow single-track that winds through low trees and high grass – making the riding experience invigorating and as challenging as you want to get. Beside the great trail choices, there is an abundance of wildlife such as Great Blue Herons, Sandhill Cranes, ducks and geese of all sorts, skunks, fox, deer, turtles and many others species of critter.

After riding for about an hour through the park, Emma and I (Connor chose to get some extra Z’s), began our ride home when we came upon this bridge. The water of Lake Josephine was very still and the sun had risen about an hour and a half earlier so the light was still good for photographing. I made this shot of the foot bridge and especially liked the contrast of the reddish bridge against the green foliage and blue of the sky and water.


Riverfront Park Foot Bridge

I am Grateful to live so close to Riverfront Park.

ISO 200, 55 mm, f/11, 1/125 sec

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