Grateful 365 Day Thirty-five

Today marked the first day of summer and the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and for once it actually felt a little like summer with a temperature of 82° F (which, by the way, is our average temperature for this day according to With the warmer temps came the desire to be outside and for me that meant doing a couple “honey-dos” for Sue on the van that she spent all day cleaning. This, and riding our bikes to Holiday to bring back a Redbox movie, took up most of my time so when it came time to get together a photo and post for today’s Grateful, the only thing that came to mind was to capture the sunset.  But, Sue is out having coffee with a friend so the best I could do was step out to the back yard and catch what I could.  The remarkable thing is that I took this shot around 9:15pm when it was still light out.  I guess summer is finally here! I am so looking forward to getting out and having some fun!

Summer Soltice Sunset

Summer is finally here and there is much rejoicing around our house!

ISO 400, 55 mm, f/5.6, 1/200 sec

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