Grateful 365 Day Forty

As I mentioned in my previous post, our weekend was very busy so by the time I sat down to post for Saturday and Sunday, I was so tired I decided to call it a night and catch up today.

The photo for Sunday is one that I chose, if nothing else, because my kids are absolutely crazy (and I loved the looks on Connor and Gannon’s faces)! After a tortuous day of watching our new pool slowly fill, going to church in the morning and being forced to do chores around the house Sunday afternoon, the kids were beside themselves wanting to have their first swim in the new pool.  Sue and I, being the concerned parents we are, kept telling them that it was just too cold to go swimming because the temperature never passed 75° F all day, but did this end their persistence? Not at all – not one little, bitty, iota! So after many pleading requests I relented (I’ll take the blame, Sue!) and let them take their first dip.  They had so much fun that the cold water and cold temperatures were worth it!


Frozen Pool Faces!

The Kids are Enjoying the new Pool!

ISO 200, 55 mm, f/5, 1/500 sec

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