Grateful 365 Day Seven

Today, being a Sunday, I spent most of my time either at the church building or doing yard work around the house. (I also napped for a bit, much to my wife’s envy.) During morning assembly a brother in Christ, David Dunbar, made an announcement that he had many plants for which he did not have room in his garden and that if anyone wanted some they could get them at evening assembly.  Knowing that David is also a lover of all things spicy I inquired as to whether or not some of the plants he had available were of the pepper variety.  Much to my pleasure he had three plants that he was glad to hold for me; a Garden Salsa, Cayenne and Habanero. They are the subject of my Grateful photo tonight because I am not only grateful for them, but also for my brother Dave’s willingness to give them.  I am looking forward to tending them and enjoying the harvest later in the year.  There will be chili!

I didn’t do anything to this photo because I thought the contrast of the garage tinted blue by the last of the sun’s rays and the green plants was rather pleasing.  There’s something truly miraculous about the way plants grow and the sustenance they provide.

Triple Pepper Plants

Grateful for the Triple Pack of Pepper Plants!

ISO 800, 38mm, f/5.0, 1/20 sec

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