Grateful 365 Day Nineteen

Saturday, 28 May 2011, was a day in which we actually got to see some sun for a portion of the day – unfortunately for me I spent most of the day in the attic of my house putting in a new bathroom vent/light/heater unit.  The kids, however, took advantage of the sun and went outside to play some hide and seek and I was done with my installation project so I went outside to capture a couple images.  The one I chose for today is of Gannon taunting the seeker, Emma, from his hiding place on top of our tent-camper. He had a great hiding place but he was so excited about it being a great hiding place that he couldn’t hold still or be quiet.  Gannon just HAD to poke his head out and taunt with an “Emma, come find me!” and a silly face.

Gannon Hiding

I am Grateful for the simplicity of Summer Games like Hide and Seek.

ISO 400, 300mm,  f/5.6, 1/250sec

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