Grateful 365 Day Five

Today’s photo was another that is relatively obvious, but one that I know my wife, Sue, liked.  Our dog, Tuvok, is a “Pugottie” or a cross between a pug and a Scottie and is absolutely in love with our kids.  He is the kind of dog that will put up with anything his kids throw at him.  Tuvok loves his kids so much that  he is often found sharing a kitchen chair with them while they sit and do their homework or while we are playing games.  My daughter, Lilly, takes every opportunity to have him sit on a kitchen chair while she dresses him up with kitchen towels, oven mitts and whatever else she can find.   Through all of this embarrassment Tuvok never protests and sits just as still as he can until Lilly lets lets him down to be paraded around the house.  This is where I found Tuvok tonight, sitting on a kitchen chair keeping an eye on the leftovers.


Tuvok, the Pugottie

I am grateful that we have Tuvok in our lives and for his unconditional love for all of us.

ISO 800, 52mm, f/5.6, 1/60 sec

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