Grateful 365 Day Eighteen

Today’s photo was a tough one to choose because I am really not very happy with any of the photos I made.  A big part of the reason I am doing this project is to help me get better at seeing the photographic opportunities around me and making the most of them.  Unfortunately for me, I feel like I really didn’t take anything worth posting today.  So, I chose the shot my kids and wife liked the best of our cat Mocha.

If you know me, you know that I am really not a cat person.  My experiences with them over the last 17 years have really not been the best. The first cat, named “Elvira,” Sue and I had in our first apartment, used to jump into my dresser drawers and urinate on my clothes.  She did not like the fact there was someone else in Sue’s life and she decided to let me know just how much she hated me. Other cats used to yowl all night long, bring live animals into the house and release them, urinate on the carpets, claw things, bite and just generally be pests.  Plus, I developed allergies to a number of things in the last 5 years, including cat dander. So all in all, I am NOT a cat person.

So it will probably come as a surprise that I chose a photo of our cat as part of my Grateful project.  I have to say that Mocha is by far the best cat I can ever remember having.  She’s affectionate to me, (doesn’t wizz in my dresser drawers), has a great personality and is pretty much hypo-allergenic.  Best of all, she absolutely loves my wife and kids – which goes a long way in impressing me.  Mocha is a “torti-point Siamese” and has the classic blue crossed-eyes indicative of her breed.  The photo from today captures her as she takes a break from chasing bugs to enjoy some sun.


Day 18 - Mocha

Mocha is one of the few cats I have ever been Grateful to have around.

ISO 400, 270mm,  f/5.6, 1/640sec

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