Gen Y Chooses Texting, Email over SocNets


Though members of Generation Y spend considerable time on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, they are far more willing to give up these social networks for a week than texting or email, according to (pdf) a study by the Participatory Marketing Network (PMN), conducted in partnership with  Pace University’s Lubin School of Business’ IDM Lab.

The third Gen-Y behavior study from the two organizations examined the time spent and preference for visiting social networks, reading/writing email, texting, talking on the phone, watching TV, reading magazines and surfing the web on non-social-media sites).

Notable findings from the study:

  • Email (26%) and text messaging (26%) are the activities least likely to be “given up for a week,” followed by TV (15%), talking on the phone (11%), visiting social networks (9%), reading magazines (7%) and visiting non-social-network sites (6%).


  • The average time spent by Gen Y on social networks per month is 33 hours, compared with 31 hours for email. A difference of two hours per month is unexpectedly small given the disparate media coverage given to Facebook and other social networks, PMN noted.



  • Texting remains an important communications tool for Gen Y, with the average number of text messages per month exceeding 740.
  • Gen Y spends more time emailing, texting and social networking online than talking on the phone, watching TV or reading magazines.

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